Preschool All In One Basic Skills Space Learning Adventure A to Z by Abby Monkey® Kids Clubhouse Games App Reviews

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Great for kindergarten!

As a kindergarten teacher, I see so many uses for this in my classroom, and the kids will love the entertaining format!

Great app!

I got this for my daughter and she is thrilled! I really like that the names of the objects are pronounced when you are tracing. This way, she has already improved so much at recognizing shapes and letters! Not to mention how much fun she is having – you should see her when she is feeding letters to the aliens :-) Appbirds!

Children Will Love This App

When they direct you to the second screen it is extremely captivating with the space/alien theme and cute animals. I love how simple the navigation is so the kids can easily choose which category they want to learn from. This app completely covers everything a pre-Schooler will need. Like abc, shapes, colors, and counting (1-100). The best part is that your child wont be limited to just matching but will be interactive by tracing. There is a section for parents and teachers that run through how each section will be benefiting your child, offers contact information, FREE games like this app, and more. Overall it is a great app and I highly recommend it.

Very cute app!

I watch my sisters kids all the time and theyve been learning to spell and playing with colors. They LOVE this app and learn so much from it!

Fiver stars !!

This app deserves five stars! Simple colorful interface, fun theme, and lots of educational games. My son wants to play with it all the time now. And he is learning so fast. I appreciate that someone thought and made an effort to create this app. I would sure let all my friends know about this app, who has kids. Exceptional!!

Wholly engaging

I can only recommend this app. My twins love it. Great for teaching the basics and/or helping parent out when one wants kids entertained for a while yet engaged in a meaningful way.

Very cute and educational

I was looking for an app for my son and this is great because it keeps him entertained while learning at the same time. Definitely has the potential to be a bestseller. Very cute characters and theme.

Smart, engaging and absorbing for kids

Lets face it, we all need something to leave our kids with sometimes while we get things done. This is perfect - its cute and educational. Both my four year old and 18 month old found it entertaining, and they learn things about math and reading from it. The interface is super simple so they can choose what they want to play themselves. There are also a surprising amount of games to choose from. Cute graphics, sound effects pair perfectly and it keeps my kids locked in for a while. Get it.

Educative game

An awesome game that is educative for kids. Its a great app for preschool kids to learn some basics. My daughter always love to play this game since I have it on my iPad. Its an adventurous learning game that I will definitely recommend.

Excellent learning app and fun!

This preschool app is easy to play and the bright colors keep short attention spans. There are fun things to click on and all the while learning is well integrated! From numbers to letters to colors this app really is a great app to have your little tike to laugh and play along!

Best learning app for children

This app is useful for my kids. They are playing and learning with this app. I would recommened it to anyone.

Glitches in the App

I was really excited to purchase this app for my son, but I am very disappointed. He cant get past the main screen before the app closes on him.. It has been deleted and reinstalled yet still doesnt work. Hope this can be fixed soon, looks like an awesome app.

Great app for handwriting

This is a great app for handwriting as well as learning many other things. My son loves the app—it’s his favorite. It was wonderful to see how he is engaged with learning. I expected him to be bored with handwriting, but this app made it fun for him. I guess it is the three difficulty levels that make writing/tracing each letter/numeral/shape progressively more challenging. The new update made it even better. Thanks!


Another great app from this amazing developer! Kids will have a blast playing these fun mini games that teach them colors, shapes, letters and numbers! Even the start up page is colorful, fun and interactive! Its a win-win for both kids and parents!

Excellent Learning Tool

I am so happy that I have found this app. It is absolutely unique. There is so much content and the little alien creatures make for a perfect theme for kids. Great app for busy parents who want to entertain their children in a meaningful way. Tracing in this app is flawless. My daughter has made so much progress since she started learning with it. I’m really proud of her. It is a great satisfaction for a parent to see how one’s child progresses. This app surely equips children for success.

Kids love it!

Let me start off by saying that this is one of the most adorable apps Ive come across in a while. The aliens are too cute for their own good. Now to the good part we all care about. This app has a very intuitive user interface, and I love the parents corner option. There is a larger variety of games available on this app which I am excited about. I have to add that this app runs smoothly, and any child should have fun playing the games!


Plenty of learning activities to keep the little one busy! (counting, letters, etc) -- and of course most importantly (from an adult perspective), the background music is tolerable lol. The colors are bright and the aliens are more like cuddly little creatures, so adorable!

Kids Approved! 5 Gold Stars!

This app is a fantastic way to entertain my preschoolers while teaching them numbers, letters, matching and tracing + plus more! A MOMMY APPROVED game that my children are able to share or use to learn independently! The activities and characters are age appropriate which allows me to feel reassured that the time spent using the app is a learning tool for success! 22Learn apps are glitch-free, hassle-free and child friendly which makes my life a whole lot easier! Entertaining fun learning exercises is why Ive seen my kids improving in areas such as letter recognition, shape defining, handwriting skills to just name a few. A+ & 100% family approved!

I enjoy playing this with my son

An easy and enjoyable concept of dragging numbers, letters, and shapes to the corresponding object. My son will know numbers, letters, and shapes before starting preschool. His favorite part was to trace the numbers. He loves to play it so much that he got me playing with him as well.


Super Fun Preschool learning tools! This is the perfect app for a long road trip when you need your kids to stay busy and quiet on a car ride! My favorite part is that they can play and learn without my help. My girls feel more independent and are more willing to spend time exercising their minds and the app promotes sharing with each other too! BEST Preschooler Learning Tool 2015!

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